Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Noo Loo

We aren't in the habit of putting pictures of toilets on the blog (which you might or might not believe, depending if you saw this or this).

However: our second toilet is in place and plumbed in, even if we haven't yet turned the water on. This is exciting enough, but even more exciting (to my mind, anyway) is the fact that the toilet is made by one of the most fashionable (not to mention stylish and trendy) of dinnerware makers.

Yup. We have a Villeroy et Boch toilet. The first time I saw a Villeroy et Boch toilet was five years ago at Charles de Galle airport, and I knew immediately that I would have to have one to call my own.

I am all class!



  1. Very posh. I always fancied a Villeroy & Splosh loo myself ! LOL

    Spending a penny will now seem rather refined chez vous !!

  2. Simon,
    Being an Aussie, and most probably a Billy Thorpe fan, it reminded me of the Aztec's alBUM, more "Arse than Class". Can I say that without being fined by the blog police.
    Jean - your comment was very clever and more refined.
    Love the work you guys are doing on the villa.

  3. May it be flushed with success.

  4. Ah yes....from the family china to a china bowl of a different sort.Both used many times a day for years, so quality counts ! tres chic

  5. Are you sitting comfortably.... and does the 'quiet descent' lid do what it says on the box?

    The security word to type this time is 'crupes' - either a comment on the subject or....

  6. Classy throne indeed. This is hilarious. Congrats.

  7. Lets not get bogged down in toilet humour...

  8. Congrats! Looks like you really adore the maker of you bowl. So fab!

  9. A clean toilet bowl clearly defines what kind of persons is living in a household. Nothing is more embarrassing than a filthy and stained toilet bowl especially if you often have guests on the house paying you a visit most of the time.