Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Have a Butcher's at This

There is a butcher's shop in the Grande Rue in Preuilly, but on Thursday mornings the butcher from Betz-le-Château is at the market in Place des Halles. When you buy meat from him it comes wrapped in custom printed waxed paper. I don't know what préparations bouchères are exactly, but since he always tells us that the saucisses aux herbes are made with marijuana, perhaps it is something to do with that.


A couple of evenings ago Simon took this spectacular sky blue pink sunset. It's the view from our backyard. Simon always thought that the expression sky blue pink was peculiar to his family, but he says he heard someone at Barking station use the phrase one day, so we assume it may be an East London expression.



  1. "Sky blue pink" is a fairly general Anglicism used to emphasise the unlikeliness of something!

  2. LOL! Susan

    Is your butcher a former hippie by any chance?

  3. He's probably pulling your leg, but can you really be sure ?!

  4. Autolycus - I have no idea why I thought it was a family thing - probably because we were the only people in Canberra who I heard use the term.

    Beaver - if he is, he has turned his back on hippiedom - he has a very severe haircut!

    Jean - They used to grow a lot of it around here - we even have a hemp mill just opposite our orchard. So who knows...

  5. Maybe the butcher thinks you and Susan (and many other Anglophones) are the "hippies". He probably just thinks it's funny that herbes (herbs) and herbe ("grass") are the same word...