Thursday 11 June 2009

Via La Pouët

Here are some pictures from another of our favourite walks around Preuilly.

Going out of town up Route C1.

The wheat crop at La Pouët.

La Pouët.

Cattle near La Grotte

A very spic and span maison de vigne, in the ZA
(Zone Artisinal or Light Industrial Area).

Route C204 loops off the main road into town and allows
for a quieter, safer walk.

A link to the map showing the full route of this walk is here (in red).

Susan & Simon


The Beaver said...


Do you take a walk every day, either after lunch or dinner? or is it according to time and schedule :-)

Simon said...

It depends what we have been doing. The theory is we should walk every day - if, however, we have been working in the garden (today for instance) we probably won't go for a walk.

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