Tuesday 2 June 2009

A New Start

Yesterday was a Public Holiday in France, but in a couple of ways for us it was the first day of our new life.

We have been coming to Preuilly for 3 years, and for most of that time have been working during the day, and then after dinner (if not too tired) going for a walk. Yesterday we had breakfast, went for a walk, then Susan started doing her working from home, whilst I did some demolishing. (The fact I did some demolishing won't particularly be news, I am always demolishing).

After lunch we did some work tidying the back garden of the house and I planned my next move, which is installing the shower.

Having a walk in the morning was interesting - different birdsong, and because it was a nice day, amazing light. The whole day was so sucessful we are planning on using it as a template for the rest of the year - at least.

I have made a little movie, which was taken from the old roads surrounding the chateau.



Jean said...

Very nice movie, Simon - love the birdsong and the music - and that blue sky. Gorgeous.

Seine Judeet (Judith) said...

Lovely little movie, Simon! What was that little piece of music? You integrated it beautifully. And...was that a coucou I heard in the background once or twice?


chm said...

At first I thought it was Simon at the guitar, then I thought it was Susan at the accordion, then I thought it might have been Django Reinhardt, then I got lost....

Nice little movie. Still don't like that Burgundian spire!

Simon said...

CHM - even now, the Burgundian spire is a point (as it were) of contention. Mind you, it's only 150 or so years old, so it may be some time before people get to like it.

The music was "c'est si bon" recorded by Alan Dunn-French and on the CD "Café Accordion"

Judeet - probably not a coucou (although one is still calling here) but more likely a collared dove.

Carolyn said...

Very nice movie! It made me think, why is there not background music playing in my life?

billjarv said...

Best of luck with the restoration.

I have a place in Charnizay just up the road.

Its been a labour of love for seven years.

For the house insurance's sake you will need a certificate of compliance for the electrics regardless of how good a job you do.

A good spark to deal with is mr Maubois in Martizay he will check you over and issue a certificate for 60 euros.

Best wishes

Bill Jarvis

Simon said...


Thanks for that - we are rapidly acquiring a dossier of tradesmen. I am interested how often people are willing to recommend the people they have used. I 3 years we have really only heard one horror story.

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