Monday 15 June 2009

The Abbaye in Preuilly

Compared to the church shown in yesterday's photos, the abbaye in Preuilly sur Claise is subdued, almost austere. They date from about the same time, but Preuilly's church was restored in the 1860s (around the time when the belltower fell down). We have a picture of the church with its old belltower (and an interesting story) here. There is no record (as far as I know) of Preuilly's abbaye being decorated in a similar fashion to St Savin's, but painting walls and ceilings was very much à la mode.

There is a date over the door of the Abbaye: 1009. Although there was a big celebration in 1909, as far as we can tell there is nothing special being done for the 1000th anniversary of the foundation of the abbey. The current building dates from the 12th-14th Century.

We visited here with Ken and CHM on Saturday, and once again I didn't have my tripod with me. One day I intend visiting the church properly equipped and take photos that actually show the building to its best advantage

Yesterday we didn't do a lot - I have cherry picker's shoulder, so apart from some light housekeeping and a lot of thinking it was a quiet day for me. Susan did a lot of cooking (cherry based), so the motif for June continues.


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Jean said...

Nice photos, Simon. Must have a look for ourselves next time we're chez nous.
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