Sunday 21 June 2009

Civilisation pops its head over the Parapet.

We have bathing.

Proper, grown up "I'm going for a shower" type bathing. I will be the first to admit that the silycon didn't get everywhere it should have and the cubicle leaks at one* corner, but that is easy fixed; and that the shower doesn't pump out huge amounts of hot water, but it is sufficient for our needs, and cheap to run

The things is though, we can now do clean.

As well as doing the plumbing, I had to add a 25Amp fuse to the fuseboard and run cable from the fuseboard to the water heater. This proved simpler than I was fearing (a big thanks to Alex for the advice) and it all came together with a minimum of fuss.

I was slightly concerned about the plumbing, because I experimented with using a push in joint to see how they go - it was slightly more expensive, but Tectite plumbing fitting seem to work without leaking. This means that for plumbing you don't even need a spanner any more!

I then sacrificed my 4 weeks old collection of dirt to test the shower so Susan could feel confident in using it. I remain unfried.


*after Susan showered, we will make that two corners...


Jean said...

Leaks at only TWO corners - we can beat that !! There's nothing like a nice warm shower to make you feel content. Well, maybe a cup of tea and a toasted teacake, too. Well done.

ladybird said...

I'm so happy that from now on you can enjoy some of the elementary pleasures of life! Martine

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