Wednesday, 7 January 2009

At the risk of appearing middle class...

Susan laughed when I first suggested taking the dishwasher to France for Christmas, but it saved an awful lot of standing around in the cold with one's hands in water.

And talking of cold - this is the window of the same room the dishwasher is in, with frozen condensation on the inside of the glass:



  1. Hi Simon, I'm with you, I love my dishwasher...I have saved up for a very long time for a single drawer Fisher & Pykel dishdrawer and I think it is fantastic !!! fingers still crossed, Margaret

  2. ...but do you take it with you when you go away?

    To think I used to be rude about people who took their salad spinner with them on holiday!

  3. Simon...
    this is absolute class!
    Especially the use of the "Workmate" and a "million metre" extension cable...