Saturday 3 January 2009

Christmas Dinner in Preuilly

This year we had what has probably been our best Christmas Dinner in France. Being in our own house helped, of course, but it was a particularly tasty but low pressure affair.

Oysters are a must-have Christmas time starter in France,and we bought 3 dozen Arcachon-raised Grade 2 (oysters are graded by size, with 0 being the largest, and up to about Grade 5 being the smallest) for about €15.

While Susan opened the oysters, Simon prepped the guineafowl and veg for roasting in our mini oven.

The cheese course was just a couple of mouthfuls of Epoisse, a very soft Vacherin/Mont D'or style cheese we bought on the recommendation of Ken over on Living the Life in St-Aignan. At nearly €6 for a small round, this is also just a Christmas-time treat, but we can certainly endorse Ken's recommendation. We had also bought a ewe's milk cheese which turned out to be uninspiring as part of the cheese course, but excellent on toast for breakfast.

Dessert was a piece of pear tart for Susan and an apple tartlet for Simon.

Then coffee, Christmas cake and hazelnut chocolate while we settled down to watch Astérix et les Jeux Olympiques (not quite as good as Astérix and Operation Cleopatra, but Asterix has got better looking).

Susan and Simon

You may have noticed this post is a little tardy. This is because we have limited access to the internet in Preuilly.


Ken Broadhurst said...

I hope you have a very happy 2009, S & S. Be prosperous and healthy. Ken

Susan said...

Many thanks Ken. We hope the same for you and Walt.

wcs said...

I second that! The dinner looks/sounds yummy!

And we really enjoyed the fruitcake. Any chance you'd share the recipe with us?

Susan said...

Walt: I'll PM you at some stage with the recipe.

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