Friday 16 January 2009

The Claise in Winter

Looking at the blog you might find it difficult to believe what I am about to say, but we have a nasty habit of not taking photos.

I think this is because we know we will be living the rest of our lives in and around Preuilly, so if we are on our way somewhere and see a photoworthy scene we think "too late! We will catch that later". Of course, I can present a defence: pulling over at short notice can be difficult on very narrow roads with drainage ditches so close to the paved surface, and there is always an EDF van trying to drive through me at the time..

A couple of weeks ago on our way to the Brenne I announced to Susan that we would be stopping along the way to take photos of the river, and actually managed to do so. We started taking photos as we crossed the bridge in Preuilly and then drove along the southern bank of the river towards Bossay-sur-Claise and Martizay.

The river is lined with very small gardens and poplar plantations, each between 2000m² - 4000m². These are used by town dwellers (mainly) as extensions of the vegetable garden, a bank, fishing spots, BBQ areas and firewood resource. Looking at the photo below, who can blame them?

It is an ambition of ours one day to join the riverbank owning clique, especially if I am allowed by the powers that be to buy a barque like the one tied up below.

They are a bit of a local speciality, and are handmade in a garage in Fontgombault on the Creuse River out of large slabs of wood you can see by the roadside as you drive through the village.



Anonymous said...

The last photo is so peaceful. The haze makes it unreal. I downloaded it and treated it with Photoshop. It loses some of its charm. Makes me think of a 19th century French painter, Camille Corot.

Simon said...

- usually I photoshop my pics, but that one didn't benefit from anything I did to it.

I like it when that happens, but it induces panic that my photoshopping skills are waning :¬))

Dj Johnston, of said...

Beautiful photographs. The second one is my favorite, but they are all wonderful. And if you don’t mind I would like to use the second one (the river shot with the stunning reflection) as reference for a painting.

Thank you for sharing them.

Simon said...

DJ - I am flattered you think so. We have no problem at all with people using our photos as an inspiration for creating original works of art. Thank you for asking though.

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