Friday 2 January 2009

The Bright Lights of Preuilly

I wrote this in Christmas eve, but the mediatheque only reopened on the 31 December, so it's just been waiting...

We're safely in Preuilly afer a drive I wouldn't want to do too often. It took 8 hours from Calais to Preuilly, mainly because of fog and tiredness, which meant that for us the holiday season started quite slowly.

I went for a walk on Christmas Eve to take some photos of the Christmas decorations, something I failed completely to do do the past two years. Things have been taken more seriously this year - an effect, we imagine of the new regime. Not only do there seem to be more decorations across the streets, but the Place des Halles has lights in the trees.

The Christmas Tree at la Poste. This is a new departure for Preuilly.

The lights along Grande Rue. There appears to be more lights here as well, but maybe we just weren't looking properly last time.

I also crossed the Claise for a photo looking back across the river at the abbaye (more on which at a later date).


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