Monday, 19 December 2016

The Annual Foie Gras Workshop

As in past years we went up to Blois at the beginning of December with three fresh foies gras in the esky to prepare them in the company of friends Rosemary, Jean-Michel, Françoise and Paul. I buy everybody's foie gras at our local duck farm and we have lunch at Rosemary and Jean-Michel's. This year Antoinette very kindly drove us up, as she is working up there two days a week. Part of the tradition that has developed is that she and Niall go halves with us on a foie gras.

Françoise took these photos. I am very amused by all the pointing fingers in the top photo. It's because we are all doing maths to work out how much seasoning we need for each of the foies. Below Paul, Jean-Michel and I are deveining our foies.

This might be the last year we all come together to do it. Françoise and Paul have seen an apartment in Saint Nazaire and are planning to sell their home in Blois and retire further down the Loire River to where it exits into the Atlantic ocean.


Loire Valley Nature: A new entry has been added for the extremely common moss Rough-stalked Feather-moss Brachythecium rutabulum.

A new entry has been added for Bush Vetch Vicia sepium, a plant of lush grasslands.


Aussie in France said...

Enjoyable as usual. I think Paul and I must be pointing to the calculator on the iPhone. Françoise and Paul have signed for the apartment with the final sale to take place in April. I hope that they will still be present at the annual workshop next year - it will be an excuse for them to come and visit!

Susan said...

Yes, Françoise said they'd signed the compromis de vente. I hope they come next year too.

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