Thursday, 22 December 2016

I'm not sure this is Preuilly...

I was trawling the internet the other day, looking for old photos of Preuilly just in case an old photo of our house came up. So far that search has returned no results.

Something I did find was a photo of a car painting workshop. It looks absolutely typical of the sort of building you would find in Preuilly, and I can think of a number that still look like that. However, none of them match the slope of the roads or the corner with the cast iron drain (although another look at the drain suggests it might be stone...) many of which still survive in town. My best guess is that it on the site currently occupied by the ambulance service's garage - certainly the road slope look about right, and continuation of purpose is always a consideration - but there is no corner there!

I love the inordinately proud looking gent in driver's dust jacket and cap standing
with his horseless carriage, and the chap in the straw hat and equally racey car.

So it it Preuilly sur Claise at all? The information with the photo is very definite about that, but I am starting to have my doubts. None of Roger Lezeau's articles in the "Cahiers de la Poterne" mention Santory, and the name doesn't crop up in any of the books or online resources I have seen. I would love to know... I don't like not knowing trivial stuff.


The Beaver said...


Are you sure it is SantorY? There is a Santori ( with an "i" )

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That looks a lot like the same building to me, even down to the window bars...

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