Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wildlife at the Gates

The Manoir du Moulin in central Onzain is a former wine co-operative that is now run as bed and breakfast accommodation and an events venue. The front gate is a fabulous representation of the Loire river and its wildlife, viticulture and mill heritage. I don't know who the sculptor is, but there is an artist who works in metal living in Onzain so it is likely to be his work. We have encountered other metal sculptures in nearby villages that are probably his too.

I somehow failed to take a photo of the giant yabby that is on the side gate. Dammit! However, you can see it if you go to my friend Rosemary's blog.

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Aussie in France said...

I didn't notice that it was a B&B. I'll see if I can find a close-up of the écrevisse. We want to go back and cycle around one day - maybe now the weather has brightened!

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