Saturday, 25 June 2016

Who Lives in a House Like This?

Where is this house? 
2 points if you can accurately identify it.
I want more than just which town or village, but where it is in the town and what it is.


Answers: This house is in Montrésor. It is the home of the Re family, owners of the Chateau of Montrésor, and situated in the grounds of the Chateau. This building is not open to the public though.


Emm said...

Lovely roses, whoever it is lives there.
I'm just enjoying its look of solid tranquility, as if all the craziness of the world couldn't affect it.

Susan said...

It is a lovely garden, in a wonderful setting. Old Mme Re was a real gardener I think, but now she is getting quite frail. They have a gardener now, and volunteers.

I hope the Re family who live there feel the house is a refuge from the world's craziness, but I suspect that sometimes they don't. They've had their problems recently, and the chateau in the grounds (not the house in this picture) is open to the public. Their ancestor who bought it in the 19th century I am sure thought of it as a sanctuary -- he was a Polish refugee.

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