Saturday, 18 June 2016

What is Wrong With These Images?


  1. The mortar and stone looks like it is from this area...
    as is the Ivy-leafed Toadflax....
    the "yuccaonastick" isn't...
    NOR is the "monitor"-type lizard!!
    Where on earth did you spot it.... obviously an escape... unless it is in a zoo or private collection?
    If it is in the Faune Touraine area, you MUST log it..
    with photos... that'll stir things up a bit!!

  2. Stretched horizontally? – a bit like the Concorde aircraft I saw yesterday.

  3. Here you have both: the real lizard and its look-alike "incrusted" in the mortar of the ledge and the wall above it

  4. In a way there is nothing wrong with these pictures. They are of an extremely lifelike plastic monitor lizard (what I would call a goanna and a French person would call un varan). The photos were taken in Montrésor. I suspect the plastic lizard is acting as a proxy for the salamander of legend, but is also there because I bet it fools a lot of people. I was accompanied by a vet at the time I saw this, and we both stood there for a while to see if it moved.

    1. That is the most lifelike plastic creature I have ever seen...
      no wonder you waited to se it move!!
      I wonder how often it gets photographed?

    2. I still think you should log it...
      well, perhaps not...
      you'd never have another record accepted!!