Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Cockpit

Until recently this was my father's domain. It's the cockpit of his four wheel drive, and ideally it would have had a caravan attached. He and my mother would have been off to somewhere wild and natural for some birdwatching and camping with friends. Because they often went to very isolated places my father drove surrounded by comms – short wave radio, mobile phone, GPS, and CCTV to tell him what was behind. 

A few months ago he reluctantly took the decision that neither he nor my mother are fit enough to be going off camping in the bush any more. He put the caravan up for sale and a woman from a nearby town has bought it. It sounds like it is going to a good home, but Dad will miss it a lot.

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chm said...

Sometimes it is hard to make such decisions! But, in the end, life goes on. I feel for your parents, but I'm sure they'll find some derivative.

Ken Broadhurst said...

I hope your dad hasn't had to give up driving completely. I dread the day when my mother has to give up her car... her independence.

Susan said...

No, fortunately he can still drive. It's just the long distances and the caravan towing he's given up.

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