Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Odd One Out

Garden villages don't get that way by themselves. Note the council guy and his little electric truck.

These photos were all taken on 10 June 2016, after days of torrential rain and floods. The scent was amazing. However, one of these photos does not belong with the others. Can you identify which one and why?


Brexit: The most lucid and knowledgeable lecture on the pros and cons of leaving the EU, given by Professor Michael Dougan of Liverpool University. Check it out. It is fascinating, serious but not too dry.  The video is about half an hour in length.


  1. The last photograph cos its in a different place to the rest!!

    1. You are on the right track, but it is the third photo. It is Montrésor, whilst all the others are Chédigny.

    2. I thought the last one was LPP...

  2. Looked at that video and, indeed, it is very informative. Do these facts make people believe in changing their views?