Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Petit Pompier

This littlest fire engine of all is at Montparnasse station in Paris.

I hope it has a bloody great big "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!" siren

Loire Valley Nature: A photo has been added to the entry for Knapweed Fritillary butterfly Melitaea phoebe, showing an adult resting on the the caterpillar host plant.
A new entry has been added for Large Chequered Skipper butterfly Heteropterus morpheus, a super zippy little creature with personality, rarely settling to be photographed and identified.


  1. Now, that really is....
    Access All Areas

  2. If it was access all areas, surely the rego number would be VIP 01??

    1. Not in France... they always change the order of the letters around!!

  3. Good for getting in behind restaurants for kitchen fires, I'd imagine. Very practical.