Wednesday, 3 February 2016

A Winter Morning in the Grounds of a Chateau

One misty morning in late January I happened to be at a privately owned chateau in the Brenne.

The pillar base below is the remains of a pair to the column above.

A simple stile in the fence round the horse paddock.

In the moat.

Foreign Fare: Those of you interested in botany, vegetables, etymology and / or history might like to listen to that nice Mr Attenborough talking for 10 minutes about various vegetables, their wild origins and how their English names arose.


  1. We had similar weather here in Kyneton this morning Susan and we are in the Southern Hemisphere. Stll, the mist looks good regardless of the seasons.

    1. It's true that the mist makes quite ordinary scenes like the horse paddock one much more interesting.

  2. Mist works.... adds depth to a scene.
    But that stile would also create a scene...
    a light and airy scene...
    somewhere around one's crotch...
    accompanied by a nasty tearing sound...
    whereupon the scene would develope shades of blue through to red!!
    That stile just ain't the style...
    there is no protection from the barbed wire across the top...
    Simon might manage it... but there are preshussfew who would!!
    I actually think that it is a two-post centre post on a long run of fence...
    we used to do it, it is quick and easy!! And, where there is a slight bend can be used as a straining post without creating a trip hazard!

    1. You are probably right about the 'stile'. I did wonder about the top row of barbed wire...