Sunday, 28 February 2016

Grass Yellow Butterflies

These bright yellow butterflies congregating by the water at Fogg Dam in the Northern Territory of Australia are some sort of Grass Yellow Eurema sp. I would guess they are the monsoon form of the Large Grass Yellow Eurema hecata phoebe. They seem to be sucking something up from the tree trunk they have alighted on. The wood is so close to the water it may be waterlogged, or it may be oozing some internal liquid.

A la cuisine hier: Comfort food, in the form of David Lebovitz's Spaghetti Pie. I used fusilli, comté, parmesan and cheddar(thanks Gaynor!) . It worked well (minimal leakage) and was tasty and filling, with loads of leftovers for the freezer. I served it with a salad of coeurs de batavia bought at the market earlier in the day, tomato, gherkin and vinaigrette. Dessert was stewed peaches from the freezer.

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GaynorB said...

Sounds delicious! Cheddar is something we have plenty of in the UK so happy to export the good stuff!

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