Monday, 14 October 2013

Mystery Chateau

 4 points to anyone who can name this chateau from these photos.
I have given you a huge clue, if you know where to look for it.
Weather News: The temperature suddenly plunged to 0°C overnight Saturday, resulting in a frost Sunday morning. We had to scrape the ice of the car windscreen in the morning and roofs were covered in frost. The television news the night before showed footage of it snowing in the Auvergne, up in the mountains.


  1. Chateau Fougeres at Langeais... The clue is in the photo name!!!!

  2. Sorry Colin and Elisabeth, but if it is Fougères and the filename of the photo is probably the give-away), then it is located in Fougères-sur-Bièvre, south of Blois. Langeais is located West of Tours, but does have similar medieval fortress-like features.

  3. Looks to me it might be Chaumont-sur-Loire.r

  4. We were at Chaumont yesterday and I don't think it's there.....will have to check my photos !!

    Mind you, Martine's clue is a good one!

  5. We recorded 0.4 Centipedes here... but we didn't have frost.
    We were probably saved by the "broom and brewhaha" that settled in the valley.
    Soon burnt off in the sun tho'....

    Lookin' at the dragon on the wind vane I thought Chinon...
    except for the filename... but I could be led to believe that that was a complete blind alley... would you give away the name in something that comes up at the bottom of the screen!!?

  6. Martine takes all 4 points for being exactly right. 1 point to Colin & Elizabeth for getting the clue.