Tuesday 8 October 2013

Chateau de Montgouverne

The Chateau de Montgouverne sits on the hill of Rochecorbon, tucked in amongst the grape vines all around it. According to the thoroughly useful blog, Tourainissime, the chateau building is 18th century. You can just see its towers peeking through the trees on the right. It is privately owned.
The building in the photo above is a 17th century enclosed dwelling on the chateau estate. Everyone who sees it, including the vineyard workers, would like to be the owner who lives there. Its setting and appearance is just so perfect.
Orchard News: The Lizard Orchids are sending up big robust leaf rosettes ready for next year. I know this because I accidently mowed over several yesterday afternoon. No real harm done, as I always have the mower on the highest possible setting, so they have just lost the tips of their leaves.

Friday's deluge obviously caused the ruisseau that runs along the front of the orchard to become a raging torrent. All the vegetation in the ditch is flattened and the culvert clearly didn't cope. There is debris all over the place and the water must have cut the road for a time.

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the fly in the web said...

A lovely building and in such a gorgeous setting too.

So it's not just us with heavy rain...yesterday's downpour cleared all the debris from the paths and washed away the huge concrete drains set in the stream by the chap downhill from us in an attempt to build a bridge to his property.
Yet another set back to his massage parlour scheme...

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