Thursday, 17 October 2013

A View of Loches

A view of Loches taken in mid-August.
I can tell you it didn't look like that yesterday when I went shopping in the market. It was overcast and drizzly.


  1. I was there yesterday, looking for Christmas presents, but rather late. It was a truly miserable day but the colours of the market stalls cheered me up a bit.
    I was surprised that there were only about half as many stalls as my last visit a month ago and wondered if it was due to the weather or the end of the tourist season.

  2. Jean: I think a lot of them choose October to go on holiday (post tourists, pre Christmas)

  3. Nice shot Susan...
    not a view that is commonly seen!!
    Very colourful...

  4. Tim: many thanks. Simon took the photo.

  5. Wot no parked cars on the bridge? Now that is a rare sight.