Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bar Beach Kiosk

 Hidden away on Bar Beach Road, by the entrance to the lake at Merimbula, many tourists never discover this gem of a place.

 The Silver Gulls Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae are not too pushy, but ever alert for scraps.
We were taken there by friends who live locally. I love the way the owners use Facebook to keep their customers informed.
In our kitchen yesterday: I bottled up a batch of preserved orange peel, ready for use in sorbets, cakes and chocolates. 5 litres of chicken stock made, and a  litre and a half of vegetable stock. A kilo of peas shelled and blanched. Lunch was dolmades made from our own vine leaves and elderflower cordial made from flowers collected along the bief (millstream) in Le Petit Pressigny. Dessert in the evening was some of the 500 g of freshly picked strawberries and 2 kg of sweet red Géant cherries from our orchard with home made strawberry icecream. I also picked a kilo of redcurrants at Tim and Gaynor's (the cicada is still sitting in the redcurrant bush). The redcurrants have been stripped from their stalks and frozen.
Shopping at the market yesterday: a petite boule loaf from the boulangerie (85 cents). A kilo of new ratte potatoes, 500 g peas, a bunch of carrots, 500 g broad beans, 2 leeks, a zucchini, 500 g apricots, 200 g button mushrooms, a bunch of celery, 5 vine tomatoes (total spend on 3 local market garden stalls about €20).


  1. I've had dolmades as well... one of the best things about this time of year.

  2. Did you have brekky or one of the daily specials for lunch? what a fabulous spot! P.

  3. LJ: Indeed, the best thing about grape vines are the leaves :-)

    P: In fact we only had drinks, as we had eaten a stonkingly good breakfast in an excellent resto on the other side of the bay.

    Leon: No.

  4. Susan...
    surely the locals should be allowed to keep little spots like this...

    I always think that the 'locals' restaurants and bars should be treated with due respect if you do come upon them...
    after all, they do live and work there full time and need 'private' space.

    Heard nor seen no cicadas here! And we are only three miles further on...
    I'd love to get some pix.

    Found another Bee Orchid today [on its last flower]... about nine foot from the first.

    And just come in [11.15pm] from sitting outside with a beer and the Batbox...
    a great way of ending a nice day.
    Also had a Monty over this evening...
    and a Nightjar hunting somewhere down by Richard's étang.
    Now... isn't that why we live here?

  5. Tim: Indeed an excellent day yesterday.