Sunday, 2 June 2013

Big Egos

One of the product ranges I miss from Australia is Ego skincare. What I like about them is that they come in big reasonably priced pump action dispensers, which just don't seem to exist in France. The largest size pump action skin lotion I've found is a 400ml Nivea product, and I've never come across a sunscreen in this style of pump action. The Ego skin lotion is in a 1 litre bottle and the sunscreen in a 500ml bottle.


  1. Do you think we are going to get some sun!!!!?

  2. Is this the start of a new series of threads by local bloggers? :):):):)

  3. Yes they are very good products, the body wash is terrific for delicate (babies) or problem skin (excema etc.) apparently they were developed for the Queen Victoria hospital.

  4. Personally, I use Coconut Butter...
    take a pound of butter and one coconut....

  5. C&E: We might...

    Rif: LOL. Total coincidence. I wrote this before I saw Gaynor's post.

    Margaret: Just about everyone in Australia uses them these days.

    Tim: GROSS!! Skin care products smelling of coconut are definitely not on my list.