Saturday 15 June 2013

An Australian Bookshelf

So what might you get on the well read Australian's bookshelf? 
Here's a random selection in a friend's house. 


Sheila said...

Beautiful carving of the pelican.

Leon Sims said...

Susan - I'm afraid that's not our Aussie book shelf - Cook books, car books, cycling books, music, crime, romance and books on France in ours.
Although Sue does have a few Tommy Keneally.
Isn't interesting looking at book shelves of people you visit, tells you much about them.

Tim said...

No "Magic Pud'n"? One of my favourites as a little (English) girl! Pauline

Susan said...

Leon: our bookshelf doesn't look as literate as this either.

Pauline: I bet it was there somewhere in the house, or off with one of the children maybe. One of my all time faves too.

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