Saturday, 8 June 2013

The 4 Minute Shower

Water is a precious commodity in Australia. For all of the years we have been  living in Europe, most of the country has been in the grip of severe drought. The highest level of water restrictions applied for years where my sister lives, so you have designated times when you can water your garden (unless you use grey water, in which case you need to post a notice out the front of your house that you are recycling water, or your neighbours will dob you in to the authorities for watering outside the alloted hours). You are not allowed to wash your car or top up swimming pools.

People are encouraged to take timed showers, limiting themselves to 3-4 minutes. Kids are educated in waterwise ways and recruited to monitor their family's showers. Local authorities will hand out shower timers such as this one in a friend's bathroom so it's easy to know how long you've been running the water.

Personally I find a 4 minute shower easy to achieve, unless I'm washing my hair (then I need 6 minutes).


GaynorB said...

I'm just about to get in the shower.

I'll let you know how long one with a hairwash takes. Where's that stopwatch?

We used to stay on a lot of campsites where the showers were timed - only the time always varied, so you never knew how log to expect!

Susan said...

Gaynor: Kind of like car washes -- some are really generous, some are really mean, but you never know until you are committed.

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