Saturday 22 June 2013

A Neat Angle

Modern nylon fishing line is an environmental nightmare, frequently garrotting, incapacitating or amputating limbs of wildlife that encounters bundles of abandoned tangled line. This simple bin on the Old Wharf at Merimbula on the New South Wales coast neatly solves the problem -- so long as anglers and walkers take on the responsiblity of disposing of their own and others' line. The supply and fitting of these bins is the sort of thing your fishing licence goes towards paying for in New South Wales.


chm said...

Same thing happens with the plastic that holds together beer cans or other water bottles!

Susan said...

chm: true. I've occasionally seen birds wearing a necklace of beer can plastic rings. And not to mention all the tiny particles of plastic that end up in the sea via our rubbish dumps and washing machines, to coat marine beds and be consumed by marine creatures.

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