Thursday, 12 July 2012

Like Putting the Clock Back 50 Years

Moving to rural France from urban England, like moving from the east coast of Australia to New Zealand, is often said to be like putting the clock back 50 years, to some halcyon period when the sun always shone, adolescents were always polite, you could leave your front door unlocked and family life was important, but you couldn't get very much in the shops.

This photo no doubt bolsters the myth. We don't know the man with the 2CV, we just happened to pull up behind him at the pumps in la Ville aux Dames.



Pollygarter said...

Nice "Eau de Nile" deuche, and one careful owner from new by the look of it, too.
Apart from the style of adverting, the shape of the pumps and building beyond, the two species of car had probably been in the same position at the pumps on many a previous occasion.

Paulita said...

I love seeing the classic cars take over the roads, even if you can't get much in the shops.

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