Saturday, 30 June 2012

Look Up

It's the first year we have attempted window boxes on the house, but so far the result have been meagre. Maybe it's the odd weather, maybe I am just no good at that sort of thing. This is the window box outside the guest bedroom window. It's planted with Busy Lizzies so should be bullet-proof. Whether it's Simon proof remains to be seen.



Niall & Antoinette said...

Don't think it's you. We've got window boxes for the 1st time too and the petunias just aren't growing. They've got flowers but plants remain tiny [despite TLC].
Hopefully now it's warming up they will get a move on.

Ron Ron said...

Same here with the troughs.... it has gorra be the wevver! I took the Staff and Staffette round the potager this evening to show them that the beans were starting to come above ground... more than can be said for the Staff's Nasturty Humms.

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