Thursday, 21 June 2012

A seat with a view

For some reason this really appeals. It's not high tech, but you can see that some proper thought has gone into making this plastic boat comfortable for fishing.

The photos were taken at the back of Montrésor on one of our many expeditions last month. And what a magnificient place to spend an hour or two just messing about in boats it would be.



Pollygarter said...

Simon, isn't the centre of gravity a bit high?

Simon said...

Tim Nope. Beer as Ballast - as the tins of beer empty, they are replaced by fish :)

Pollygarter said...

I just had an inkling beer would come into the eqation somewhere!!

Europe Tour Packages said...

I like the second is really a perfect place to spend sometime - boating.

Emm said...

I can just see Ratty and Mole out on the river in that.

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