Sunday 17 June 2012

Sculpture or Garden I?

An installation in the Chateau Parc de Chaumont-sur-Loire.
The Chateau of Chaumont-sur-Loire regularly and deliberately invites designers to blur the line between sculpture and gardening. It makes the park an engaging and surprising place to wander through. The artists clearly love having the opportunity to work large scale and with humour.

Installing the installation.
I have not been able to find out what the work above is called or who it is by, but at least it explains what the bloke leaning out of the tower a month earlier had been doing.

As seen from inside the chateau.

PS I vote 'sculpture' for this one.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Looks like a snake bush to me.

chm said...

Could it be the [Green] Flying Spaghetti Monster?

chm said...

Does anyone know if the author of that ‘sculpture’ is a Pastafarian?

ladybird said...

According to the description (no photo though)in the brochure that we received when visiting the Festival on June 7th, this could be by Patrick Dougherty. I like it! Martine

Niall & Antoinette said...

hummmm, a grass snake on steriods? ;-)

Susan said...

chm: haha, very good.

Martine: yes I think it is quite likely, but I couldn't tell from the blurb I could find. He has certainly worked with them before and has other pieces in the garden.

N&A and C&E: it certainly snakes around.

Emm said...

I vote with chm for Flying Spaghetti Monster. Noodly goodness.

Susan said...

Emm: tsk - I'm sure we should all be treating this much more seriously - after all, it's a work of art, and in France!

Pollygarter said...

Then Emm's right... of course. [Tim]

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