Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Just after I wrote about the Transit of Venus I happened to be outside locking up the garage. It was a cloudy night (that's why I didn't get up to watch the transit myself) and the moon was rising. The way the moon was lighting the clouds appealed to me, so in the spirit of exploration (or experimentation, or something) fostered by reading the stories of observations of previous transits of Venus, I grabbed the camera and took some shots.

I also took some shots of the moon itself, and have to say that for hand held low light photos, they came out pretty well. One day I will grab the tripod, take it seriously, and see what happens.



  1. Simon those shots are great. My little camera makes the moon look like a pinhead in the sky! Diane

  2. Great moon shot Simon... but what is causing the red in the clouds in the moonrise picture? Lights in Preuilly?

  3. pretty amazing shot of the moon alright.