Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Bit of a Squeeze

As some of you know we are searching for a companion for Célestine. We need to take some of the pressure off her and provide backup. After all, she is getting on a bit.

When she was at the mechanic's getting her nipples greased the other day, Monsieur Denis the mechanic introduced us to this cute little Vespa. Simon tried it out for size, but we have reluctantly decided it was not quite right for us. I know all our friends who have been encouraging us to buy a convertible will be disappointed, but we just don't think white is the right colour.


PS The vehicle is not a toy, and M. Denis assures us it will get up to 80 km / hour (the speedo tops out at 110 km / hour!)


chm said...

I really wonder how Simon could possibly fit in such a small car.

If I were younger I'd love to have a small one like that.

Now they have to come up with a folding or inflatable car that would make life so much easier in great cities!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Great little car but would you want to pay the going rate for such tiny vehicle.... £9000 -

Simon said...

C&E I can get you a dooerupper for 3k€

chm. I couldn't one leg was fine, the other, no way.

ladybird said...

Eaten too many chocolates, perhaps?! :^) Cute little car btw, but I wouldn't like to be driving in a convoy of these new super trucks! Martine

Sheila said...

Photo of Simon partially
in that car reminds me of
one of those circus acts
where people keep piling out
of a small car.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Looking at that one Simon I would say €300 would be more my price...

Simon said...

Good for the heart though. I imagine you would be doing 150bpm if you were in any traffic at all!

Pollygarter said...

I see it's got a sunroof to enable Simon to see the road when he's sitting upright!
That's one cute vehicule... but steering with the knees is for rally drivers only.

Autolycus said...

You could try a 2CV. You could call it Modestine, like RL Stevenson's donkey in the Cévennes.

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