Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow Pics

I mentioned yesterday that we would be posting pictures of Preuilly in the snow - so here they are:

The first three photos were taken on Tuesday, and the last one was taken yesterday. Although the temperature has remained steadfastly below freezing, the sun has been quite strong - lovely and warm on your back if you're well rugged up anyway, and causing the snow on slate roofs to start melting.

This means there are plenty of glaciers forming in the street gutters, and icicles forming on roof gutters. The snow on our roof has started to melt, but once the water gets into the downpipes it freezes again. This means our downpipes are frozen solid, and I am starting to worry about water getting into the walls.

Still - it looks nice...



  1. A ready-made supply of Christmas cards for the years to come, then! Pauline

  2. Beautiful! Still, I'm anxious for the thaw. :)

  3. Pauline

    That's what I was thinking .You beat me to it.

  4. Great pics. Wish I was there ...