Saturday 4 February 2012

A New Sign

I have been posting old and new photos: this is a recent old, and an almost brand new new.

We first saw this new style sign at Chillou du Feuillet about 18 months ago, but they are spreading across the Touraine. They are a lot more brown than the old explanation boards, and more informative as well. For a picture of Gargantua, go here.



Tim said...

This looks a lot nicer, much more like the ones in the Brenne. The old ones really do need removing... some of them [eg: the ones at La Celle Geunand and Fèrriere Larçon] are falling apart! This one was at least readable... the new one looks excellent.

Leon Sims said...

Hey Guys,
You've gone all new on us with the masthead - nice.

Pearl said...

quite different in style. I wonder if the brown will boil in the sun and peel sooner than the white did.

do you know about?