Monday 20 February 2012

More Ice

After a couple days away from the subject, more ice.

In March 2010 I wrote about finding paint brushes which had been sitting in white spirit in the garage all winter, and said "It is a lesson I hope to learn though - clean up before it starts snowing!"

Like most "I will know better next time" events, the only thing that taught me was to recognise I had got it wrong again when I emptied a lump of ice out of a 10 litre bucket.

I can be happy in the knowledge that this year it was only one brush - that is two less that two years ago, a statistic not improved by being one more than last year.

I also notice that the blog post in March 2010 I referred to was posted the day that Leon and Sue visited. Time flies, eh...



Sheila said...

Have you ever tried wrapping
your brush in plastic film
if you're in a hurry and don't
have time to clean them right
away? We do this frequently
if we're going to continue on
with the same paint the next
day. Works well with rollers
too. Both will remain ready
for use for several days

Tim said...

It was at the bottom, Simon... and the ice doesn't look very clear!
How to renovate a hardened paintbrush
Buy a new one!

Simon said...

Sheila - much too organised for me" It assumes I will be coming back to the painting the same year. Not my strong point, as evisenced by brushes "rinsing" over winter.

Pearl said...

I was sure it was a fish.

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