Friday 3 February 2012

Old and New Two

Another comparison:

The top photo was taken sometimes between 1906 and 1910. We know this because the chateau was built in 1906, but the old old bridge was destroyed in the floods of 1910 and subsequently rebuilt. (Subsequent research dates the photo to 1908).

One thing that interests me is the how much weatherboard (clapboard) cladding has been replaced with stone in the last 100 years - this is also evident in the previous old photo we put on the blog.



william said...

bonjour savez vous ce que cela peu signifier BP sur le chainage de la cheminée du moulin ?

Anonymous said...

We have a vague past memory that someone suggested the BP indicated Banque Populaire.

However it would be good to have it confirmed, especially as it would put a bank somewhat outside the town's principal retail & commercial area.

Anonymous said...

Pour répondre à William... il s'agit des initiales du propriétaire de l'époque : Pierre BARON.

Simon said...


merci bien :¬) Bienvenue sur notre blog

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