Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Blog Door

Just recently we came across a new art installation in Preuilly which tickled us. The Blog-porte in rue des Pavillons seems to be the work of the same artist who produced the rather splendid downpipe finials we noted earlier. I hope people do occasionally contribute to the blog door and that it doesn't just end up as a replica of the boulangerie window, covered in posters advertising local events. The notice says:
Post Freely:

The Blog-Door: It's the same principle as a blog on the internet. Simply post images, photos, text, that everyone benefits.


Tim said...

Grand idea... let's hope that it is used artistically.

Susan said...

Tim: I'm tempted to do a screen dump of this post, and stick us blogging about the door up on the door itself.

Autolycus said...

Very post-modern. I think the artist would appreciate that.

Susan said...

Auty: exactly - that's what I thought.

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