Friday 24 February 2012

The Climbing Wall

Preuilly's gymnasium was the venue for the recent Foire au Safran and while I was there I took a photo of the climbing wall installed on the end wall. There is no information I can find about how you book to use it (the official council website doesn't even mention the gymnase has a climbing wall) and since I have never been any good at hauling my own weight up sheer cliffs using only my fingertips, I can't be bothered to pop down to the mairie to find out the details. However, if you are interested, that is my advice - pop into the council offices and ask the ladies there what the deal is.

I assume the plant gets moved...
Climbing walls turn up in all sorts of unexpected places these days in France. For one that amused us, see our post on the very pleasant park at Chambray-les-Tours.



Tim said...

My old friend Geoff sets climbs on these things... I have never asked him what that means, but all those little hand and toe holds are all moveable... I'm with you Susan... never been very interested since I grew beyond five foot! Height, not girth!!
Geoff is constructed from bone, sinew and gristle... he doesn't have much to haul around!

Susan said...

Tim: we have a rock climbing friend and she is the tiniest creature, with huge shoulders!

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