Thursday, 2 February 2012

Old and New

Thanks to a comment from blog reader William I have a new source of old postcards of Preuilly, so I thought I would do some comparisons.

This is the view from our old viewing place on the ramparts of the château. The new view is a composite of two photos taken in October a couple of years ago: because of tree growth it is no longer possible to get the photo from the same place. The chateau was rebuilt in 1906, but the photo can't have been taken too many years after that.



SweetpeainFrance said...

Love the banner.

Tim said...

You can't have been more than a smidgin off though Simon, 'cos the buildings in the foreground are almost position perfect. Old postcards are a temptation too far for me... Pauline thinks I've enough "stuff" with my breweriana and other collections that are in boxes in the barn, office, grenier... wherever!

Simon said...

Tim - the wonders of photoshop :¬)

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