Sunday, 19 February 2012

Swallowtails - a photo essay

Click on the photos to enlarge. If you want to know more about Swallowtails see my species account on Loire Valley Nature.



  1. Very pretty! And on a nice sunny morning like this...

  2. Hope their chrysalises have
    survived your freeze spell.
    I know you will be keeping
    a sharp eye out for those
    who made it.

  3. Tim: wasn't it lovely!

    Gaynor, N&A: thank you. I'm rather pleased with them myself :-)

    Sheila: I haven't seen any, but I think they survive freezes quite well.

  4. I'm late commenting, but agree with all the above.

    This is my second try. In the first try there were THREE words. The first two were one above the other. The top part of the top one was missing, and so was the bottom part of the bottom one.LOL It's getting worse and worse. Re-LOL

    This time the TWO words are readeable.