Saturday, 11 February 2012

Arty Snow Pics

After yesterdays views, some close-ups of cold stuff:

This is what's stopping our downpipes from
working. I hope it doesn't cause problems
Not our place, another 18.
A close up of yesterday's tree

I went out last night at 10.00 to check the thermometer, came in and said to Susan "it's only -8°". I wasn't being ironic or anything - after this last week, -8 feels positively mild.



chm said...

Maybe I should change my glasses but I first read Arty Show [artichaut/artichoke!]. Same as that American jazz musician Artie Shaw, same pronunciation? Close?

The show is very arty. Especially the last photo.

Keep warm!

Simon said...

chm. Close. I tried to make something of that with numerous variations, but it just wouldn't work!

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