Wednesday 31 August 2011

Hey Dudes!

The recent Agricultural Show in Preuilly brought out all the local dudes.

Our orchard neighbour.
I have never seen him so smartly dressed. Usually he is in gardening gear and looks like this.

Stone mason and son.
This young mason from Loches was teaching his son the trade. I think the son had just mashed his fingers with the mallet and Dad was checking if he was OK, without making a fuss. I love this photo and the interaction between father and son. Looking at my other photos of this pair it seems that Dad is right handed, but the son is left handed.

The ultimate dude.
This is our friend and builder Stéphane. He has dual French and Canadian citizenship.

The mayor (and our plumber).
The day was so hot that sombreros were cool in a very real sense.


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