Saturday, 13 August 2011

Bark and Branches

This rather lovely tree lives on the island in the Parc de Richelieu. We found its twisting limbs and swirling bark patterns very photogenic. I think it's a Swamp Cypress, but no doubt one of our Richelieu readers can correct me if I'm wrong.



  1. The "leaves" look identical to
    those of the cypress we have here
    in Texas along the Guadalupe R.
    I guess they're Swamp Cypress
    because they like to grow partly
    in the water. However, I don't
    recall seeing any with such an
    extensive branching system as
    your specimen. The beavers love
    to gnaw on the bark unfortunately.

  2. Susan Like many trees in the park these trees have name labels...

  3. C&E: Ah! I didn't notice. Next time...