Sunday 14 August 2011

Dog Days

Nuthin much happens in August if you are a chien français tricolore at Cheverny. The hunting season is but a distant memory. You get to hang out with your mates and relax. It's hot, so you snooze a lot. Occasionally you might stir yourself and go over to the railings to be petted by a visitor. Everyone's so relaxed there aren't even the usual hierarchical jostlings. The only excitement, other than the mid-afternoon feeding, is when a small child throws a toy into the kennel yard. This causes a swirling of dogs, all convinced the object will be good to eat, and the kennel hand shouts and shoves his way through to retrieve it before someone has a chance to swallow it.

Once peace is restored kennel hand tells me that there are 100 dogs in the pack and suggests I comptez les pattes et diviser par quart to verify this statement.



Colin and Elizabeth said...

Looking at the middle picture it looks to me like the guys and gals have some fun!! Do they sell the pups?

Anonymous said...

Best not to be down wind of them though!

Susan said...

C&E: I don't know, but I've seen this type of Anglo-French hound for sale on LeBonCoin if you want one.

Anon: Actually they are not too bad in August because the kennel hand is there all day every day. Periodically he sluices things down.

Leon Sims said...

Sue and did a visit I think in 2009 and spent some time watching the guys and gals. Also took in the Tin Tin thing there. Marvelous.
Might even go back for a second look next year.

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