Sunday 21 August 2011

Yesterday's Festivities

Three movies today, but very few words. That could be because the evening lasted quite long and brain fade has set in. Stuff we saw yesterday included:

Prize winning animals

Folkloric dancing


Beer (not pictured). It was almost 30°C at midnight, so the Pompiers' beer tent was raising plenty of funds - as is only right.


(if you find the video stuttery, click on where it says "360p" - bottom right hand corner of each video - and select "240p")

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Tim said...

I've just watched the 'stilters' with the sound OFF.... I encourage others to do the same... it is one of the most comically co-ordinated bits of footwork I've ever seen.... suck on that you 'cloggers'!

The w/v is "bonkgli"... the sound made by one of the stilters falling down.... and no, no, no!! You wouldn't get me up on those stilts for all the tea in China!!

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