Tuesday 30 August 2011

Raindrops on Roses*

It's only been 27 months (840 days, to be precise) since we arrived in Preuilly sur Claise to live here. Yesterday living here took one big step forward, when we finally unpacked Susan's dinner service, the serving bowls, and the coffee cups.

Amazingly, nothing has yet come out of its box broken, so the packing (which I wrote about here) appears to have been totally successful. All the plates and mugs were individually wrapped in butcher's paper, then wrapped in lots of 4 plates in bubble wrap, before being put in a cardboard box padded out with shredded tax bills and bank statements.

It all went from the boxes to the dishwasher for a 30 minute quick wash, then into the cupboards. We did have to have a serious house meeting about where stuff went, but we were both thinking more or less the same thing, so there were no issues to be resolved.

*Actually no. These are a few of my favorite things.



GaynorB said...

I'll bet each of your mugs has it's own tale to tell ....

Very successful wrapping though. Ever thought of going into business?

Craig said...

It must have felt like Christmas! We has the same feeling after receiving our "stuff" from storage and we were only without for 9 months. Congratulations - when does the granite go in?

Simon said...

Gaynor - packing for a living? That can only be considered once everything we own has been unpacked!

Craig - the granits arrives "some time in September", so I assume a couple of weeks yet.

Carolyn said...

Is this the grand finale of the kitchen renovation? For your sakes, I hope so. Don't you love having all your beautiful things where you can use them every day?

Pollygarter said...

Congratulations! another important step forward.

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