Friday 12 August 2011

Where'd She Go?

I have been playing with the new camera, investigating some of its tricky stuff.

One thing the camera does automatically (when set right) is remove those awkward, annoying people who walk in front of you when you're taking a photo (ably demonstrated here by Susan).

It takes four photos at intervals, then removes any item that isn't in at least two of the photos (or something) - the result being this:

Of course, you can do it yourself in Photoshop (or photo editing software of choice) but having the camera do it is easier, if not quite as effective. You do have to keep the camera almost still for the time you are taking the photos, in this case 10 seconds.

Another of the functions is panorama, where you just hold the button down and move the camera from left to right through 270 degrees (or if you change the setting, right to left).

Once again the result isn't perfect, but it isn't bad. I will probably continue to stitch together my own panoramic views, but compared to what my old camera used to present as a panoramic view it is a huge improvement. It will be interesting to see where all this technology leads to in the next generation of camera.



Tim said...

The trend seems to be towards 3D HD TV without funny spectacles... perhaps that will be the way the camera begins to go... the collector moving a minute fraction inside the camera and taking two shots that can be viewed [for now] only as a still on the new 3D TVs.

Leon Sims said...

truely amazing technology.

GaynorB said...

I like the idea of being places where you weren't (or even one wasn't!. I'd be on the top of the Matterhorn, what about you?

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