Thursday 1 September 2011

Things to do in and Around Preuilly in September 2011

Sunflowers are harvested in September.
Saturday 3 – Soirée russe (Russian evening) at La Rivière Enchan' thé, the tea room at La Forge, between Preuilly and Chaumussay, hosted by Mahé Girard. Le Théâtre Fantaisie presents Lornatane en trio. Literature, poetry, music and song combined with good food. Apéro-dinatoire at 18.30 followed by a concert and a dessert tasting session. 20€ per person (excluding drinks). Telephone Mahé on 02 47 94 54 70 or email. Her flyer says reservations must be received before 27 August, but it might be worth checking for last minute availability.

Early autumn is a time for some species to find partners.
Corvids enjoying the thermals and displaying to potential mates.
Spend the weekend at the zoological park. On Friday-Saturday 16-17, 23-24 and 31-1 October you can spend the night in an Inuit tent at la Réserve de la Haute-Touche, the National Natural History Museum's research and captive breeding centre near Obterre. La Haute-Touche holds the biggest collection of European deer in captivity and September is the rut. The programme includes a presentation of the latest research as well as being taken out into the forest to meet the deer and witnessing the rutting rituals. During the night you will hear not only the stags roaring but the wolves howling. Reserve your place by telephoning 02 54 02 20 40 or emailing the Réserve.

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 – Journées du Patrimoine (Heritage Open Days). Visit historic houses and monuments, some of which are not normally open to the public.

Some butterfly species mate in the early autumn too.
A female Brown Argus (left) waggling her rear at a male (right).
Sunday 18 - Les Amis du Chatelier are hosting a gospel concert at 5.30 pm in La Grange des Protestantes near Paulmy. For further information telephone 06 99 01 62 62. Take a cushion to improve the comfort of the bench seats.

Last year in September we were cleaning the beams in the attic.
Saturday 23 – Harp recital with Mandragore at La Forge, between Preuilly and Chaumussay, starting at 20.30. The host, Mahé Girard, says 'one instrument, one musician, one voice. What type of music? Come along and find out!' Entry is 5€. There will also be a painting exhibition, open from 10.30.


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